Treasure of my work as a motion designer

Having been a motion designer for almost two decades, I can tell so many great stories about how much it fulfills me to work on projects with deeper meaning. Not only the commercial work on advertisements but projects that moved me this week after a long time, one of these projects came along to make me happy.

My eldest child is going to Spain to do a volunteering project for ten months. Part of his assignment is to present creatively his reasons to form part of the project.

I was there to help to create a motion design video where he did the voice-over and gave me the directions he wanted and the graphics needed to bring this animation to life.

Here are some render frames.

Here is the video:

A project that made my day as a 3D artist.

I was approached by a client with a special request.

He wanted to know if I would help with a very particular task. He then explained that a dear friend had lost a 20-year-old ring that had a great sentimental value.

They wanted to know if I could enhance an old couple of photos to see clearly the ring. She contacted the jeweler to make a new one but he couldn’t see the features to recreate the ring.

I told them that there was no resolution for any enhancement since they were printed photos, 6X4 to be exact.

I had another idea that if I could interview his friend, maybe she could give me a better “picture” of the ring, and ill try to draw it and then 3D model it.

Here you can see the 3D model I made.

Plot twist

The owner of the ring told me that she went to sleep looking at the renders I made and that she dreamed that she found the ring in her garden where she lost it.

In the morning, she went to the garden to look at the place she dreamed about it, sure enough, there it was!

You can see a high-resolution photo, not exactly the same still happy with the ending of this project.