Treasure of my work as a motion designer

Having been a motion designer for almost two decades, I can tell so many great stories about how much it fulfills me to work on projects with deeper meaning. Not only the commercial work on advertisements but projects that moved me this week after a long time, one of these projects came along to make me happy.

My eldest child is going to Spain to do a volunteering project for ten months. Part of his assignment is to present creatively his reasons to form part of the project.

I was there to help to create a motion design video where he did the voice-over and gave me the directions he wanted and the graphics needed to bring this animation to life.

Here are some render frames.

Here is the video:

Black Friday at JacedWheels

Black Friday Madness

It’s no surprise that this holiday is a very commercial one.
I try to help maximize the returns of my client’s sales during these hectic days.

For JacedWheels, I did a series of offers with video productions, either with 3D animations, 2D motion graphics, or videos and photos.

The first video was a 3D animation to help promote the neon lights underbody kits.

The second one was for an oil change service. I use a combination of stock videos to get the message across with a 3D render.

The third video is a combination of stock footage and photography of the products.

The fourth one was the combination of 3D and motion graphics also I did use existing photographs to promote better the message.

Red Cross Fundraising Event

Red Cross Aruba hosts a yearly fundraising event

For me is a pleasure to be part of this event and help where it makes a real difference.

I had the privilege to get creative control, a very daunting task, relying on past designs and keeping myself under their guidelines.

I created this year’s vintage-style theme due to the historic building named Quinta del Carmen.

I made the deliverables for social media, posters, and videos assets as part of this campaign and, a silent auction page with articles to bid on them was also made.

The photography and videography work was a crucial part of making this design.


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