Treasure of my work as a motion designer

As a motion designer with almost two decades of experience, I am constantly inspired by the projects that I work on, particularly those that have a deeper meaning and purpose. In addition to commercial work, I have had the opportunity to work on personal projects that have moved me and brought me joy.

Recently, I had the chance to collaborate with my eldest child on a special project. He was going to Spain to do a volunteering project for ten months, and as part of his assignment, he needed to present his reasons for joining the project in a creative way. I was able to help him create a motion design video where he provided the voice-over and gave me the direction and graphics needed to bring the animation to life. It was a truly fulfilling experience and one that I will always treasure as a motion designer.

Here are some render frames.

Here is the video:

Black Friday at JacedWheels

Black Friday Madness

It’s no surprise that this holiday is a very commercial one.
I try to help maximize the returns of my client’s sales during these hectic days.

For JacedWheels, I did a series of offers with video productions, either with 3D animations, 2D motion graphics, or videos and photos.

The first video was a 3D animation to help promote the neon lights underbody kits.

The second one was for an oil change service. I use a combination of stock videos to get the message across with a 3D render.

The third video is a combination of stock footage and photography of the products.

The fourth one was the combination of 3D and motion graphics also I did use existing photographs to promote better the message.

Red Cross Fundraising Event

Red Cross Aruba hosts a yearly fundraising event

For me is a pleasure to be part of this event and help where it makes a real difference.

I had the privilege to get creative control, a very daunting task, relying on past designs and keeping myself under their guidelines.

I created this year’s vintage-style theme due to the historic building named Quinta del Carmen.

I made the deliverables for social media, posters, and videos assets as part of this campaign and, a silent auction page with articles to bid on them was also made.

The photography and videography work was a crucial part of making this design.


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