Story of a photo

Every year I have the honor to create visual campaigns for Red Cross Fundraising Event.


This year is the Roaring Twenties theme. Every year I challenge myself to come up with original and engaging ideas.

I had in my mind from the moment we discussed this year’s theme what I wanted the main image to be.

I explained to Indra Pereira, Red Cross Aruba PR and Marketing Manager, that I wanted to recreate the classic 1920s look.



As a photographer, I try to challenge my work to have the best results I can get. For this reason, I also took care of the wardrobe, and not only did I want to have a say on the type of dress, but I also wanted to do it myself.

I went to our local fabrics store for a fabric that looked good, under the lighting conditions intended to use a resemblance to the 20’s era.

Luckily I found a lovely fabric with the guidance of the store salesperson also bought a few pearls to make a collar and writs band. I found an elastic band for her head as part of the design.



A lovely lady Ada helped me with the sewing since my time constraints were too much for me to undertake this task.

One part of my photo was a specific makeup. I know Francis Rodriguez from SFX Aruba will make my work easier. I’ve been working alongside Francis for many projects now, each time results scream professionalism and art.



The model from the start was set the very first time we discussed the theme Lizmarie Kranwinkel was chosen for the role. She has a nostalgic look that was perfect for the photo.



My lighting setup was simple, a couple of Godox SL60W LED lights, one with a snoot and the other with a 7-inch dish. The one with a snoot illuminates her eyes and the other to rim her hair.



My camera setup was a Sony A6400 with a 90mm Macro lens this particular lens is so sharp that I only use it with people with good skin texture.

The camera was set on a tripod. My camera settings S1/50 F2.8 Iso 100. I used a slower shutter speed since I was using continuous light. I’ve set the profile to black and white since it gives me a closer preview of my final look. I shot RAW. I knew it was only for the preview if my client decided to have a color version.



I then went to create in Capture One Pro my black and white look and exported the results to Affinity designer to create the artwork that will be used in the campaign. Different orientations and sizes are needed each year to accommodate the promotional material.




I truly enjoyed this process. I have planned to take this new level of detail and control in my workflow. I’ve learned a lot when researching the lighting conditions and the type of dresses and makeup used in that era.

If you are in Aruba this June 11, join this fundraising event to help raise funds for Red Cross Aruba so they can keep helping the community.

I wanted to give you a huge thanks for reading to this point.

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