KFC Cuaresma 2016

Motion graphics created in-house from KFC artwork headquarters in Curacao. KFC Fish combos specially made for the Lenten season.

KFC bisa nos campaign 2015

TV Spot entirely shoot and edit by Dr.Pixels, motion graphics was also created and render in-house

KFC pasco 2015

Motion graphics commercial TV spot made from their poster design and corporate material

Paranda di bochincha 2015

image design for the campaign of Cruz Cora Aruba Paranda di Bochincha 2015. the project consisted on creating all the assets, develop the look and feel and create all the assets that locally identifies the route and create a poster and flyer as well as newspaper ad and a TV spot for the local channels.

Feria Social 2015 Season 1

Screen elements for live event at the season finale of Feria Social 2015

Cede Aruba

APA Aruba - Curoil

News Item for APA Aruba

Dia di mama 2015

B camera operator for a 297 Studio production

Visit 297 Studio

DJ Rossilow on the mix!

Love Festival 2014

TVS Flora

Flora Market Christmas 2014


Kentucky Fried Chicken Carnival Bucket

De Palm Tours

Highlight video of the 25th anniversary of de Palm Tours Corporation