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For my cinematography services, I do offer commercial, corporate, promotional coverage, Social media content engagement and documentaries.

At your disposal I offer proper consultancy for your production needs, a dedicated and locked exclusive time for pre, pro and post-produce your requests, making me the only agency that gives you total attention to make sure your product is the way it’s supposed to be!

With over a decade working at Aruba’s commercial market, I have a deep knowledge of the best workflows, and right strategies for your productions, this translates into an increase of the effectiveness and help maximize your investment.

Clients that have trusted their image in the past are showcased here.

Latest Productions

aruba art fair 2016 3d water tower projection 01

3D Mapping for Aruba Art fair 2016

3D Mapping for Aruba Art Fair 2016 The project: I was privileged enough to be selected alongside other 165 local […]

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editing, videography, motion design, filming, aruba, drpixels, rapmaduro, kfc tv commercials

KFC TV commercials we create them in Aruba

KFC tv commercials we are proud to create them in Aruba! At Dr. Pixels, we been blessed to have such […]

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paranda di bochincha 2015

Paranda di Bochincha 2015 for Red Cross Aruba The Client allowed a wide range of freedom to develop the concept, […]

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