aruba art fair 2016 3d water tower projection 01

3D Mapping for Aruba Art fair 2016

3D Mapping for Aruba Art Fair 2016

The project:

I was privileged enough to be selected alongside other 165 local and international artists, for the first edition of Aruba Art Fair in San Nicolas, my job consisted in create series of animations for a final 5 minutes video to be 3D mapped onto San Nicolas Water Tower. It had to reflect the art that will be displayed at the fair, as well as a special congratulation for the 125th anniversary of Aruba Aloe.

The process:

This was a lengthy process of research and discovery for me as an artist as well, the history of the company was given directly from the company, but finding the right amount of information to select was the hard part, at the end a conceptualization of the main element the Aloe plant was used to introduce the different animations and key figures and tight together the different pieces.

A more abstract way of thinking was used for the summary of the different styles that will be on display at the fair itself, the use of color and abstract animations was the main key point for the final result while maintaining an original design.

Adobe after effects was used throughout this part of the project to finalize the 3d renderings and 2d animations.

A huge part of this project as well was to model entirely The Water Tower, since it has to be used as a template to map the animations, I use Cinema 4d for this part of the process with the help of the house builder script.

I manage to recreate the tower, the original blueprints were gracefully facilitated and I’m so thankful for STICHTING MONUMENTENFONDS ARUBA.

The results:

The 2 days event of the AAF, were packed with amazing live performances, ranging from paintings to poetry and dance, international artist gave workshops the weeks before and finished huge murals and other artistic pieces to be celebrated around the city of San Nicolas as part of a permanent exposition, it was for sure a new experience and one that the city of San Nicolas welcomed open-hearted.

A big thanks for the opportunity and privilege to Tito Bolivar for his consideration and the freedom that he allowed me, in order for me to create and conceptualize these animations he was always open to guide, help and facilitate throughout the whole process, thank you so much and hope to be able to participate in the near future once more!




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KFC TV commercials we create them in Aruba

KFC tv commercials we are proud to create them in Aruba!

At Dr. Pixels, we been blessed to have such a great client as KFC Aruba, to develop and create KFC tv commercials as well as Radio spots, here you can follow our latest works for this amazing client.

Working with a franchise brand is not an easy task since they have directives to follow and  we have to keep the core of the brand in each commercial while there is freedom to develop concepts we have to keep us ground to those main directives.

we are proud to achieve this keeping an open mind and a clear line of communications in order to maintain the essence of the brand. with every campaign, we here at Dr.Pixels are challenged to bring the local flavor while keeping the international standards.

We do create a wide variety of motion designs and full productions accordingly to each individual campaign.

Hiking photo trip 2016

Hiking Photo Trip 2016

Hiking Photo Trip 2016

Here it is!! February 20’s 2016 come and join on this wonderful hiking photo trip at the National Park Arikok here in Aruba.

We will be sharing knowledge on how to take better pictures of nature, landscape and much more, come and walk among great pro photographers as well as other enthusiasts on a nice  make sure you reserve your spot early since is on a first come, first serve basis.

For reservations: +2975944282 or


paranda di bochincha 2015

Paranda di Bochincha 2015 for Red Cross Aruba

The Client allowed a wide range of freedom to develop the concept, look and feel for this campaign, the campaign Paranda di Bochincha 2015 consists on a bus and truck parade for people with disabilities organized yearly by the Red Cross Aruba.
The deliverables, in this case, were a poster, flyer and Ad for the printing side of the campaign, and a TV spot for the local channels here on the island!
Make sure to visit their pages for more information.

Facebook of Red Cross Aruba


Ad for paranda di bochincha 2015

Ad for local newspapers

poster for paranda di bochincha 2015

poster for the campaign paranda di bochincha 2015

Feria Social 2015 Motion graphics

Feria Social 2015

When my friend Germille Geerman call me to help him with a potential client I was more than happy to be able to help a friend, I contacted the client and to my surprise it was a great one as well, “Cede Aruba” is one organization that Co finances NGO’s in order to help them bring the best of their respective ideas to help the community of Aruba. This time, they needed a series of screen elements to be displayed in the event of Feria Social season 1. I had the pleasure to do more than 20 graphic elements to be used as part of the presentation the next day, the caveat for this project was that I had less than 24 hours to complete all of the requests, I was on an insane deadline and the stakes for delivering high-quality results become a reality, I immediately made a plan of attack in order to prioritize which elements needed to be done first and the best approach to have them done in time for revisions as well, I decided to do a combination of 2d and 3d animations in order to accelerate the process,  I choose cinema 4d and after effects for this project since those are the most friendly and time effective packages. The result was a great set of assets that maintained the house style of the campaign and that can blend seamlessly. A total of 25 graphic assets were delivered and displayed during the main event, here are a few photos of the event and you can check as well some of the graphics on my latest work. Huge thanks go to Mr. Daniel Tecklenborg of Cede Aruba for the opportunity.